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Weyermann® Cologne Malt

Posted by Cryermalt

Cryer Malt are happy to announce the arrival of the Weyermann® Cologne malt.


Weyermann® Cologne Malt is a kilned lager-style malt made from the highest quality, two-row, German spring barley.
This outstanding base malt can make up 100% of your malt bill or enrich it with any of the exceptional speciality malts produced by Weyermann®.


The Weyermann® Cologne Malt creates medium-full bodied, golden coloured, smooth clean tasting beers and delivers all the characteristics required for ales and lagers. It imparts malty-sweet notes to finished beer while offering gentle notes of bread crusts, biscuit, toffee, as well as honey, almond and hazelnut aromas.


Colour Range – 7-9 EBC


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