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Diastatic Wheat Malt

Produced from quality wheat. Ideal addition to pale or dark wheat beers, whenever extra diastatic power is needed in the mash. Can be used to replace “regular” pale wheat malt.

Flavor: malty-sweet



Beer style: Wheat Beer; “Hefe-Weizen”; “Kölsch”; “Altbier”; top-fermented “Schankbier”; Weizenbock; alcohol-reduced Beer; non-alcoholic Beer; “Dunkle-Weizen”; all other beer types;

The following values are subject to harvest-specific variations. All analyses are performed by independent, certified laboratories according to MEBAK “Brew-Technical Analysis Methods.”

Parameter Minimum Maximum Unit
Moisture content 7 %
Extract (dry substance) 81 %
Color 3 5 EBC
Colour 1.7 2.4 Lovibond
Protein (dry substance) 11 14 %
Kolbach Index 38.5 46 %
Hartong Index 45°C 36 44 %
Saccharification time 20 min
Viscosity (8.6%) 2.15 m Pa s
Diastatic power 250 WK


All of our products and packaging meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the HACCP (Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Points) food safety management system. They also conform to all applicable government food and health regulations that are currently in force. All of our products are in compliance with the German Beer Purity Law.

All Weyermann® products are in compliance with VO (EG) Nr. 1829/2003, 1830/2003, 49/2000, and 50/2000, and do not contain any genetically modified raw materials, ingredients, or additives.

All raw materials are meticulously tested for traces of pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals, and meet the requirements of VO (EG) 165/2010 and 369/2005. The nitrosamine content of our malts is below allowable thresholds. In addition, our malts are tested regularly for N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).

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