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Weyermann® Malts

Weyermann® Specialty Malts have applied advanced technology and traditional values to specialty malt production to become a world leader in consistency and flavour, with an extensive range of malts to match any beer style. Weyermann®’s range of malts embodies Old World qualities with their own trademark rich, precise flavours. There would not be a beer competition in the world that doesn’t have a medal-winning beer containing one or more of Weyermann®’s renowned specialty malts.

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Wide range of Weyermann malts available

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More on Weyermann and its history

The company was founded by the Weyermann family in the late 1800s. Its ownership has remained in the family ever since, in the same historic premises on Brenner St in Bamberg, Germany.

Weyermann® malts are typically clean, fresh and full-flavoured. Their wide range of malt styles can cater to pretty much all beer types, and include a range of caramel malts, Bohemian-style malts, Ale malts, Dark malts, Acidulated (sour) malt, a selection of floor-malted styles, as well as liquid malt extracts (LME) and their world-famous Sinamar® liquid malt colour (LMC). Weyermann® Bohemian Pilsner is among their most popular malts, and is rich and vibrant, with honey overtones. Their Pale Ale has gratifying bready, syrupy flavours.

Steeped in history

In 1879 grain trader and ship’s captain Johann Baptist Weyermann started his own malting operation and, within a decade, was concentrating almost exclusively on specialty malt production. Early on, Weyermann® developed their exclusive caramel malt styles Carapils®, Carafa® and Caramunich®. In 1888 they moved to the current premises in Brenner Street, built by the now-famous architect Gustav Haeberle specifically for the Weyermann® company’s rapidly expanding malting operations.

In 1902 the Weyermann® company began a side brewing operation, using their own coloured malts to make Farbebier (coloured beer). Sinamar® started its life as an exclusive Weyermann® beer style, and the name was later applied to the liquid malt colour developed by Weyermann®, made from their Carafa® roasted malt, used extensively in brewing and food production.

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