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Thomas Fawcett

Thomas Fawcett & Sons Ltd. is a family business that has been operating for over 200 years on the same site in West Yorkshire, England. Steeped in history, Fawcetts have remained true to the essence of traditional English styles, upholding excellence in malting over the centuries. One of the oldest malting companies in Britain, they have retained the traditional methods while still keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in malting technology. Fawcetts use a combination of floor malting, modern Saladin boxes, and a state-of-the-art germination-kilning vessel.

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The Thomas Fawcett Range

Fawcetts have good range of malts and adjuncts

Keeping their batch sizes small ensures consistently high quality. Fawcetts range of malts and adjuncts include pale, amber, brown, black and chocolate malts, wheat, rye and oat malts, crystal/cara and roasted malts. One of their most popular ale malts is Maris Otter, named for its barley variety, which is a two-row, autumn sown variety, favoured for its low nitrogen content by makers of English ‘real ale’, and popular among homebrewers. Other popular ale malts are available from the winter varieties Halcyon and Pearl barley.

The Fawcetts range of malts is quintessentially English, with that rich, clean, true malt flavour often associated with traditional English styles. Fawcett’s floor malted Maris Otter and Golden Promise are their most popular ale malts, with a richer, enhanced malt profile due to the non-abrasive, age-old floor malting techniques. This full-flavour malt profile is instantly recognisable in traditional English ales.

Fawcetts also use pneumatic methods in their production of some malts and products from their roaster for any traditional English style you could dream of. Their malts are also suited to the increasingly popular new world styles of American Pale Ales, New Zealand IPAs and Australian Pale Ales.

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