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Malteurop New Zealand

Note: Malteurop is only available in New Zealand.

Malteurop New Zealand produces 100% locally-grown malt for New Zealand brewers, and is the largest established malt company in the country. The name Malteurop might suggest an imported European brand that has nothing to do with New Zealand – in fact the opposite is true. Specialising in locally-developed and locally-grown barley varieties, Malteurop New Zealand is the local malt producer for the thriving craft brewing scene in Wellington, and for brewers around New Zealand. The malting plant in Marton was built in 1979 by the Canterbury Malting Company, and has been trading as Malteurop New Zealand since 2008.

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Range of Malteurop Products available

Malteurop New Zealand – products for today’s brewing sector

Cryermalt started out by importing specialty malts to New Zealand in the 1990s, to fill a demand in the early days of New Zealand craft brewing when only a single lager malt was available. New Zealand has come a long way since then. We source all of our New Zealand-grown malt from Malteurop New Zealand, offering a premium range of malt styles to our thriving local craft brewing sector.

With barley sourced from the excellent growing regions in both the North and South Islands (Hawke’s Bay, Manawatu, Rangitikei, Wairarapa and Canterbury), Malteurop New Zealand strives each season to meet the needs of Kiwi brewers for excellent quality malted barley. They produce a range of malts from two-row barley, including the ever-popular Pilsner, Ale, Mild Ale, Munich and kilned caramel malts.

New Zealand’s maritime growing conditions result in a rich, toasty malt flavour, with earthy overtones. Local raw materials impart the unmistakable terroir of New Zealand, with a complexity reflecting New Zealand’s coastal geography in creamy but piquant flavours. Malteurop New Zealand’s product is refreshingly clean and consistent, with a full-bodied malt flavour.

Malteurop New Zealand excellent Pilsner malt is creamy and bready with a slight almond finish, balanced with their trademark marmalady malt sweetness. The Ale malt has enhanced nutty flavours, with a warm finish like a freshly baked biscuit. Malteurop New Zealand’s range of kilned malts enables New Zealand craft breweries to make their world-leading New Zealand Pale Ale styles, with our world-famous hops added.

New Zealand local malt varieties

Malteurop New Zealand oversees the entire process of barley malting, from developing and trialling new varieties in their own labs in Irwell, Canterbury, to growing, malting, storage and distribution.

New Zealand’s two main malting barley varieties, Jimpy and Fairview, were both developed by Malteurop New Zealand and adapted specifically to suit New Zealand’s growing conditions. Fairview is the older of the two; Jimpy is developed specifically to suit growing conditions in the Hawke’s Bay area.

Malteurop New Zealand has an active research programme that is continuously developing new barley varieties for New Zealand. Good barley takes time! Several years of development and trials are required to arrive at a new variety that meets the high standards of the both breeding team at Malteurop New Zealand and our discerning brewers, before it is approved for commercial use.

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