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If you’re making an authentic Belgian beer style, look no further than a true Belgian malt from Mouterij Dingemans. We supply an array of Belgian specialty coloured malts from Dingemans that are the heart and soul of Belgian-style beers, from the richness of dark Dubbels and spicy Red Ales to light fruity Blond Ales, Saisons, Lambic and Witbier styles.

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Dingemans malt has a diverse range of usages

Traditionally, the Belgians were the ones who broke all the rules, paving the way for the intrepid experimentation that is the beating heart of the craft beer movement. Belgian brewers simply disregarded the rigid German and English beer brewing protocols, adding unusual ingredients, such as fruit, herbs and spices, to produce big flavourful beers that are now wildly popular and inspiring new beers around the world.

Dingemans malts are also an excellent addition to non-Belgian styles, to attain particular colours, flavours and aroma.

Mouterij Dingemans produce a range of base malts and specialty malts, including kilned, roasted and caramelised malts.

We supply the most popular Belgian malts from Dingemans, suitable for a wide range of beers, popular with brewers in Australia and New Zealand: Ale, Amber, Aromatic, Biscuit, Pale Ale, Pilsener and Special B.

From humble beginnings

In the 1870s the Dingemans family farm began producing its own malt to make beer for its farmhands. The Dingemans’ maltings then went on to survive the Industrial Revolution and both World Wars at a time when many Belgian malt houses were struggling. In 2011 they were one of only five active malt houses in Belgium, after the closing down and merging of many great Belgian malting houses. Dingemans were able to weather the storm and they remain one of the oldest Belgian maltsters still going strong, supplying malt to most of Belgium’s breweries.

At Cryermalt we also supply Belgian candi syrups to add to the fermentables in your brew, to increase dryness, or for the higher alcohol content called for by many Belgian styles, as well as intensified flavours and colours.

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