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Belgian caramelised syrups made exclusively from beet sugar are used for the depth of colour, flavour and aroma associated with authentic Belgian beer styles. If you’re brewing a Belgian-style beer, it will invariably call for authentic Belgian candi syrup. But candi syrups can be used to great effect in all manner of beers (not just Belgian ones), giving you a depth of flavour and colour that is hard to achieve with other sugar adjuncts.

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Range of Syrups available

Increase the flavour profile your next brew with Syrup

Candi syrups are highly fermentable, so you don’t run the risk of the beer becoming too sweet. They can add to the gravity of your wort and increase alcohol content for those strong Belgian beer styles. Candi syrups also help achieve an enviable head of foam, smooth taste and velvety aroma. You can use Belgian candi syrups to add these traits to most styles of beer.

We supply a selection of syrups, ranging from clear to very dark, to enhance your flavour profile and give you more control over colour, dryness and abv.

Clear Candi syrup will not add any noticeable flavour or colour to the beer, so it’s suitable for raising the fermentable sugars in pale beer styles such as Belgian Blond Ales, Tripels and Saisons. Amber Candi imparts rich caramel, vanilla and fruit flavours, especially suited to Dubbels and aromatic Amber Ales. Dark Candi has a deeper reddish colour and soft rich flavour suited to strong, dark or brown Ales. Dark 2 Candi divulges the most intense dark colour and a dark chocolate flavour, with a hint of burnt toffee and sun-dried fruit.

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