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Liquid Malt Extracts

We offer a range of unhopped liquid malt extracts (LME), each produced from a decoction mash of a selection of Weyermann® specialty malts.

Liquid malt extracts, in addition to adding distinctive flavours to specific styles of beer, can also be used to adjust colour and add fermentable sugars.

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Available range of LME’s

Liquid Malt Extract Style Guide

Select a liquid malt extract to add specific flavours, flavour intensities and colours to a range of beers, especially suited to the following German beer styles:

  • Bamberg Rauch LME is suited to smoked beer (Rauchbier) styles.
  • Bavarian Dunkel LME is suited to a range of dark beers, including Bock beer, Black beer (Schwarzbier) and Stout.
  • Bavarian Hefeweizen LME is especially for Wheat beer styles, Hefeweizen and lends itself to a range of ales.
  • Bavarian Maibock LME is specifically tailored for flavouring Mai-bock and Bock beer.
  • Bavarian Pilsner LME is ideal for Pils, Maerzenbier, Bock beer and October beer.
  • Munich Amber LME is suited to Munich Salvator, Maerzenbier, Bock beer and Festbier.
  • October Beer LME is specifically for Festbiere, October beer; Maerzenbier and Bock beer.
  • Vienna Red LME is recommended for rich coloured Amber beer; Maerzenbier, Altbier and Bock beer.

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