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Liquid Extracts


Weyermann® Sinamar® is a natural liquid malt colour (LMC). It is made from a unique de-husked black roasted malt, using a special method that makes it ideal for achieving a dark colour with almost no bitterness (the name comes from sine amaro, meaning ‘without bitterness’). Sinamar® also causes no turbidity and remains pH stable, and can be used at any stage of the brewing process.

Liquid Malt Extracts

We offer a range of liquid malt extracts (LME), each produced from a decoction mash of a selection of Weyermann® specialty malts.

Liquid malt extracts can be used to add distinctive flavours to specific styles of beer, and also to adjust the colour and increase the fermentable sugars. Select a liquid malt extract to add desired flavours, specific flavour intensities and colours to a range of different beers.

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Liquid Extracts available through Cryermalt

Candi Syrups

Belgian caramelised syrups are made exclusively from beet sugar and used for the depth of colour, flavour and aroma associated with authentic Belgian beer styles.

Candi syrups are highly fermentable, so you don’t need to worry about the beer becoming too sweet. They can add to the gravity of your wort and increase alcohol content for those strong Belgian beer styles. You can use Belgian candi syrups to add these traits to most styles of beer (not just Belgian styles).

We supply a selection of candi syrups, ranging from clear to very dark. As well as enhancing the colour and flavour profiles of your beer, they can be used to adjust dryness, ABV, and increase foam retention.



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