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Grain Adjuncts

We offer a selection of rolled, unmalted grains for use in brewing. Rolled or flaked grains are higher in available starches than unprocessed whole grains or grits, because they have been steamed and gelatinised. This makes them excellent adjuncts for brewing many of the beer styles now favoured by craft brewers in Australia and New Zealand.

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Range of Grain and Adjuncts

Achieve the characteristics you are after

Unmalted grain can be added in small amounts to any style of beer to achieve certain characteristics such as a nice thick head of foam, to intensify or lighten the colour, to add complexity of flavour, for example a subtle creaminess, or a twist of bitterness or spice. Unmalted grains can also be used to enhance beer clarity (or in the case of wheat, to add that deliberate cloudiness you see in Belgian wheat beers).

The style of beer you’re making will determine what grain and how much of it you add to your brew. For example, a wheat beer will often contain a base of malted barley as well as a significant percentage of unmalted or malted wheat.

You can add very small amounts of raw grain to great effect, for example, to add something to a trusty-but-drab recipe and lift your beer to the next level. The unique character of your beer might owe its subtle tang to that very small amount of unmalted rye, or its creamy mouthfeel to the inclusion of rolled oats. Roasted or torrefied grains can be used to similar effect, adding a more toasty flavour and darker colour than raw grain. Rolled rice can be used to add fermentable sugars without significantly altering the taste of your beer.

We also supply specialty malted products, such as liquid malt extract (LME), Sinamar® liquid malt colour (LMC), powdered malt, peated and roasted malts, to subtly enhance flavour, colour and mouthfeel.

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