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Distilling Malt

Cryermalt offer an extensive range of malts perfect for use in the Distilling Industry for production of all grain spirits.

From Barrett Burston we offer both Pale and Ale malt produced from specific barley varieties which are genuinely geared to distilling performance. These malts generally offer high diastatic power, great attenuation, high PSY, with good level KI for smooth lauter.

Our Bairds Distilling malt is produced from two-row spring malted barley with vigorous and even germination, and promotes high fermentability, soluble nitrogen (protein) levels and adequate enzyme potential.

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Distilling Malt available through Cryermalt

Bairds Heavily Peated malt is produced from the same high quality two-row spring barley used to produce the Bairds distilling malt. It however has peat smoke or ‘reek’ introduced into the air drying of the malt during kilning. Total Phenols for the Heavily Peated is 25-50 ppm.

From Weyermann® we offer a range of specialty malts that can be used extensively in the distilling industry and are suitable for the production of everything from malt whisky through to schnapps. The full range of Weyermann® speciality malts provide distillers with an opportunity to introduce a variety of flavours and colour to the spirit that they are producing.

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