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Dark Candi

Dark Candi products are made in Belgium, chiefly for use in authentic Belgian beer styles, though they are becoming increasingly popular for use in many other styles. Dark Candi syrups can be hugely beneficial for improving the gravity of your wort, increasing alcohol content and dryness without significantly increasing the sweetness of the beer. Candi syrups all provide good foam retention and add a smooth taste and velvety aroma. You can use Belgian candi syrups to add these traits to almost any style of beer.

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Dark Candi products available through Cryermalt

Enhance your flavour profile with Candi syrups

Amber Candi, Clear Candi, Dark Candi and Dark 2 Candi syrups are made from authentic Belgian caramelised beet sugars and you won’t get the same depth of flavour or colour with other caramelised sugar adjuncts such as rock candy (crystallised cane sugar).

Using candi syrups to increase the fermentable sugars in your wort will enhance your flavour profile, adding a pleasing Belgian complexity. Syrups also add very distinctive colour profiles. Belgian beer styles tend to be high in alcohol, so adding candi syrup will allow you to raise the abv without increasing sweetness – in fact you can achieve a crisp dryness by carefully balancing the fermentables (including syrup) with the yeast so there are no residual sugars.

Clear Candi will not add any noticeable flavour or colour to the beer, so it’s suitable for pale beer styles, including Belgian Blond Ales, Tripels and Saisons or anything to which you simply want to add more fermentable sugars.

Amber Candi has a light colour, imparting rich caramel, vanilla and fruit flavours, suited to Dubbels and aromatic Amber Ales.

Dark Candi has a deep reddish colour and soft rich flavour suited to strong, dark or brown Ales.

Dark 2 Candi divulges the most intense dark colour and a dark chocolatey flavour, with a hint of burnt toffee.

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