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Blue Lake Milling

Blue Lake Milling is an Australian producer of rolled, unmalted cereals for use in brewing. Unmalted grain adjuncts are often a requirement for making many of the traditional and contemporary beer styles now favoured by craft brewers in Australia and New Zealand. Small amounts of raw grain can be added to your mash to achieve certain desirable characteristics, such as a nice head of foam, to intensify or lighten the colour, to add complexity of flavour and mouthfeel, increase the available starches, or to enhance the clarity of the beer (or in the case of wheat, to add that desirable cloudiness associated with Belgian wheat beers).

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More on Blue Lake Milling

The company was first established in Mount Gambier in the 1860s as a flour mill, and began specialising in rolled oats in 1875. Over the years they added a range of other grains to their repertoire. Blue Lake Milling now have two sites in Bordertown and Dimboola, in the centre of the Southeast Australian grain growing region.

A selection of rolled, unmalted grains are available for use in brewing, including rolled barley, oats, wheat, spelt (an old variety of wheat), rye, rice and triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye). Raw rolled or flaked grains are higher in available starches than unprocessed whole grains or grits, because they have been gelatinised, making them more suitable as adjuncts to brewing.

Rolled rice can add to the fermentables in your wort without significantly altering the taste of the finished beer.

Wheat is often added for better foam retention. Oats add body and a creamy mouthfeel to dark beer, especially stouts, and sometime wheat beer. Rye adds a crisp dryness to modern pale ales and of course traditional German rye beer.

Triticale is an excellent way to get starches into the wort, and achieve greater foam stability and low wort viscosity.

Unmalted, rolled barley contributes a raw grainy flavour and excellent head retention, but is used sparingly because of its potential for chill haze.

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