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Barrett Burston Australia

Barrett Burston Malting is the second largest and one of the oldest malt producers in Australia. The company dates back to the late 1800s, when three families, headed by William Barrett, Samuel Burston and Charles Smith all founded family-run malting operations. These family businesses eventually merged to form what is now Barrett Burston Malting Pty Ltd.

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Range of Barrett Burston Australia products available

Suits many styles of beers

Barrett Burston’s available malt styles include Pale, Wheat, Ale, Vienna, Munich, Dark Munich, Caramalt, Crystal, as well as Dark Crystal and Roasted Malts. Barrett Burston’s malts are characteristically clean and fresh. Their malts are particularly sought after by emerging craft brewers who prefer a true Australian malt. Combining traditional values with technological innovation, Barrett Burston continues to supply a comprehensive range of premium quality malts for Australia’s large domestic market and craft brewery market.

The range lends itself to the increasingly popular Australia Pale Ale style, as well as Pacific Ales and the newly emerging mid-strength Australian craft ales. Barrett Burston’s very pale wheat malt is ideal for making low colour wheat beers, and showcasing the whiteness. They also produce a range of domestic colour malts, which are world class.

Australia’s local malt

Barrett Burston has malting facilities in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria and is also involved in developing and trialling new barley varieties specifically for Australian growing conditions and Australian brewing preferences.

The malting plants in Geelong, Burnley, Perth and Pinkenba source barley from local growers in the best barley growing regions across Australia, across Victoria, Western Australia, southern Queensland and New South Wales. The newest of Barrett Burston’s malting plants, in Perth, sources all its malting barley directly from growers in Western Australia, strengthening Barrett Burston’s relationship with more than 100 local growers.

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