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Bairds Malt

The Bairds company heritage can be traced back to 1823, when brothers Hugh and Frank Baird founded a brewery in Glasgow and then a maltings to supply it in 1832. In 1999 the malting company merged with another successful Scottish malt producer, Moray Firth Malting Co. Bairds Malt now has five malting sites in the UK, three in Scotland and two in England.

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Bairds Range of Malt

Bairds is known for its high quality malt products

We offer a range of Bairds base malts, specialty malts and grain adjuncts for brewing and distilling.

These include Pale Ale, Amber, Black, Caramel and Chocolate malts, as well as Flaked Maize and Roast Barley. Bairds’ coloured malts provide a range of characteristics for most beer styles, from the light, biscuity flavour and warm colour of Amber Malt to the deep colours and intense flavours of Caramel, Chocolate and Black Malts.

Their Roast Barley is recommended for use in dry or bitter dark beers and sometime in Pilsners for added clout.

Bairds’ Pale Ale Malt is made the traditional way using winter barely varieties and is typically used in light-bodied and bitter Ales.

One of their most popular Ale malts is Maris Otter® – named after its barley variety, which is a two-row, autumn sown barley favoured for its low nitrogen content. Maris Otter® is especially popular for use in English ‘real ale’ (cask-conditioned). It is also very popular among home brewers.

Bairds’ malts are quintessentially British, with that rich, clean, true malt flavour often associated with traditional English beer styles. Bairds’ English-grown barley is sourced from the famous maritime barley growing areas that provide a dry, gentle environment ideal for malting barley and for bringing out those rich malt flavours. As well as malt for brewers of specialty beers, Bairds are the leading producer of malt for the Scottish distilling industry.

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