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Cryer Malt is the premium malt supplier to brewers of quality beer across the Pacific Islands.

We supply Fijian breweries through an ‘Ex works’ agreement: we package the order, and the buyer arranges the shipping and clearance. New Zealand and Australian-made malts are packaged and sent direct from the malting plant.

If you’re brewing with malted barley, we can supply a wide range of malt types for any style of beer, be it a pale Lager or a dark Porter, an IPA or a Belgian Blond. We are able to supply customised quantities of malt to various locations in the Pacific, including the option of a pre-mixed bulk bag of a selection of different malts.

Malts from around the world supplied to Fijian breweries

For brewers of quality Fijian beer we supply a selection of excellent malts made in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. The craft beer industry is going from strength to strength, with increasing numbers of customers preferring a higher quality beer over a bland thirst-quencher. We supply a very comprehensive range of the best quality malts from around the world.

European malts include a range of German, Belgian, English and Scottish malts, from Weyermann® Specialty Malting, Dingemans, Bairds and Thomas Fawcett. New Zealand and Australian malts are sourced from Malteurop New Zealand and Barrett Burston Pty Ltd.

Not only do we supply a wide range of barley base malts and specialty malts, we also stock other malted grains, for example wheat, oats and rye, as well as malt extracts and adjuncts such as unmalted grains, candis and syrups.

Contact the team at Cryer Malt today for help selecting and purchasing the right malt for your needs, or to enquire about opening an account with us.


New Zealand Contact Details

Cryermalt New Zealand
PO Box 10321
Dominion Road
Auckland 1446
Ph:  +64 9 639 0817 or 0800 625833
Fax: +64 9 353 1632

Australia Contact Details

Cryermalt Australia
Ph: 1800 119622
Fax: +61 3 9923 6412

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