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North End Brewing smoke our New Zealand malt for their new Doppelbock ‘Pit Boss’

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North End Brewing Company turned four this year and to celebrate they have brewed a special Smoked Doppelbock, using malt they’ve smoked themselves.

The Kapiti Coast brewery was started by a chef (Aaron Wagstaff) a waiter (Todd Cameron) and brewer Kieran Haslett-Moore. They have a restaurant and brewpub on the same premises and this was a unique opportunity for kitchen and brewery to collaborate. The Salt and Wood Collective, American Barbecue Restaurant are managed separately but are “blood relatives”, and this project marks the closest the two have collaborated.

“Smoking our own malt allows us to give a unique character to the beer by utilizing our own smoked flavours from the kitchen.”

The malt they chose for this was Malteurop NZ Munich malt, smoked over Manuka in their Myron Mixon Smoker. Other malts used in this beer are Malteurop NZ Pilsner and Weyermann®’s Vienna and Caramunich, topped off with Pacific Jade and Wai Iti hops.

“Having the Malteurop base malts come from just up the road is really cool. Of course the most important thing is that the malts are good but having the maltings nearby is an added bonus.”

The brewing company started out four years ago contract brewing and this month marks two years of brewing on their own site. This process allowed them to develop a core range, include a growing collection of seasonal beers, and to train staff before the brewery was up and running. Todd Cameron and Aaron Wagstaff own the successful Long Beach Tavern and the Olde Beach Bakery at Waikanae Beach. Before joining forces to launch North End Brewery, Kieran Haslett-Moore used to work as Beer Specialist for Regional Wines.

The proudest moment for the brewery was taking out the first gold medal for a New Zealand brewed spontaneous beer, ‘Rustica’, at the Brewers Guild NZ Awards last year. North End also do a number of barrel aged beers. These are aged in their offsite baarel cellar, for anywhere from six months to three years, depending on the style of beer.

Their most recent releases include Visitation, a Belgian Quadrupel, released last month. Stonekeeper, Premium NZ Pilsner, a collaboration brew with Phil Cook from Beer Diary, “a beer made as a homage to Steinlager Classic – packed with heaps of Green Bullet hops”. The smoked beer, Pit Boss, was released at Beervana and the brewers are stoked with the result – “the smoked malts are really shining”.

Look out for Pitboss on tap and in can.

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