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Brewing Aids

We supply a range of brewing aids, adjuncts and additives to enhance your brew.

Whatever the style of beer you are aiming for, and whether you are brewing to a traditional recipe or creating something experimental from scratch, we will work with you to achieve your goals to the highest standard.

Brewing aids and additives

In addition to our extensive range of premium quality hops from Yakima Chief Hops and malts from Barrett Burston Australia, Weyermann®, Malteurop New Zealand, Bairds, Fawcetts, Dingemans and other malt producers, we supply brewing aids and additives that allow you greater control over your brew. These can enhance fermentation, clarity, foam stabilisation, colour and flavour stability.

Kettle finings such as Vicfine Isinglass and KoppaFloc are recommended for wort clarification and colloidal stability (beer clarity). Enzyme additives can increase the fermentable sugars, giving you more control over alcohol content, as well as products for ‘chill proofing’ and haze reduction to improve the appearance and shelf life of your beer.

Water treatment aids remove unwanted trace minerals that may affect the pH of your mash and the flavour of the finished beer.

Other chemical and mineral nutrients are also available to enhance fermentation and yeast flocculation.

If it’s greater clarity or foam control you’re aiming for, or a subtle adjustment to flavour or colour, we can help you fine-tune your brew with the perfect combination of base malts, specialty malts, adjuncts and brewing aids to achieve the best results possible.

Contact the team at Cryer Malt today with any questions about our product range, or to enquire about opening an account with us.


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