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New South Wales

Look no further than Cryer Malt for your premium quality malted products & hops for your next brew. Our warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne can supply breweries anywhere in New South Wales. We offer Australian craft brewers a diverse selection of Australian-made and European malts along with world renowned American hops from Yakima Chief Hops.

Our range of Australian malts is sourced from one of the oldest malting companies in the country, with a tradition of developing barley varieties specially for the Australian malting and brewing industries. Our European malts are also carefully selected from the finest on offer from Germany, the UK and Belgium.

A range of malts & hops supplied direct to NSW breweries

With our products you are not limited to any style of beer or brewing method. We supply a very comprehensive range of base and specialty malts, hops, as well as other brewing products, for making anything from English Porters to Australian Pale Ales, light summer Lagers to hefty Belgian Dubbels, suited to draught, bottled or canned beer.

In addition to malted barley and hops we also carry a range of other malted grains, including rye, wheat, spelt and oat malts. Liquid malt extracts are also available, as are unmalted grains, syrups and other brewing adjuncts.

We supply custom quantities to breweries of all sizes, as well as contract brewers. Malt is available in bags or bulk lots, and we can even blend a selection of malts for you into one order, ready for the mash.

Contact the team at Cryer Malt today for help selecting and purchasing the right ingredients for your needs, or to enquire about opening an account with us.


New Zealand Contact Details

Cryermalt New Zealand
PO Box 10321
Dominion Road
Auckland 1446
Ph:  +64 9 639 0817 or 0800 625833
Fax: +64 9 353 1632

Australia Contact Details

Cryermalt Australia
Ph: 1800 119622
Fax: +61 3 9923 6412

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